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The World's Number One Gary Barlow Tribute

There are no stupid questions, only stupid answers. These, however, are all good answers. 

What songs does Dan cover in his set?

There's not a wasted song in there. His usual set list comprises of all the big Take That songs and a few of the well-known Gary Barlow numbers. Songs include Greatest Day, Since I Saw You Last, Patience, Pray, Shine, Let Me Go, Rule The World, Back For Good, Relight My Fire, Never Forget, These Days, Lie To Me, Everything Changes, It Only Takes A Minute, Could It Be Magic, A Million Love Songs, and many more.

How long is Dan's show?

His show runs a lot longer than many other shows on the circuit, usually about ninety minutes or more straight through as one set. He can separate the show into two sets, but his show definitely works better as one long spot.

How much is it to hire Dan?

It varies, depending on distance, venue and the type of booking it is. He is the most expensive Gary Barlow tribute on the market, but that's because he is the leading act in his field. You get what you pay for with Dan.

Who provides all the sound and lighting?

Dan brings his own sound and lighting, and is usually accompanied by his wife, Jade, who engineers during the show. It's not a large set-up, but certainly enough for the majority of venues. There is no need to have any concern about space requirements as a rule.

How far will he travel?

A million miles. To wherever, generally. But I'm sure you appreciate that if you live in John O'Groats or Land's End, it'll cost a little bit more. He travels overseas for shows too, so if you're checking in from abroad, this is no problem.

Does Dan do any DJing before or after the show?

Nope. Mainly because he has terrible taste in music and will end up playing The Best of ELO over and over again until everybody wants the night to end early. You need to provide your own music or hire your own DJ, but Relight Talent Management can help you out with that.

Does he do weddings or birthdays?

He gets asked this a lot, incredibly. Over half of Dan's yearly shows are private engagements, such as weddings or birthday parties. So yes, he does, and he will help you make it an incredibly memorable night. Just take a look at his reviews on Facebook of previous clients who have booked him.

How can I make arrangements for my party with Dan beforehand?

There are always things to fine tune beforehand, and Dan is good at keeping in touch with his clients in the run-in to the performance to make sure everything has been covered. He's usually available for a chat by telephone or email well in advance.

Do I need to make any special arrangements for Dan on the night of the performance?

Dan is one of the friendliest people you're likely to meet and will pretty much do anything to make your night the best it can be. All he asks for is good naturedness and mutual respect, a cup of tea and a sandwich for him and his wife Jade, and a quiet room to get changed in. He'll even forego the sandwich if the bread is in short supply because there's a war on, but you get the general picture.

Does Dan have public liability insurance?

Yes, public liability and PAT certification is all up to date and available on request. He is a member of the Musicians' Union.

Will Dan do any special song requests for me?

Within reason, absolutely, but Dan's at his best when he's singing Take That, Gary Barlow or Jazz & Swing. That's his thing.

Where can I find out about Dan's upcoming shows?

A great way to keep up to date with what Dan is doing and where is to sign up to his newsletter. He sends this out monthly to subscribers. There's also Facebook and Twitter, and a secret, special and slightly weird group of hardcore Dan fans (DHGB) that exists if you can find it.

Has anyone told him he looks like Gary Barlow?

Yes. A million times. Funny that. He ought to become a tribute to Gary.

I'd like to buy Dan a really nice bottle of wine. What is his favourite?

Well that's very kind of you but - shock horror - he's pretty much teetotal these days. He'd rather you buy some dog biscuits for the pooch, Jak.

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