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Dan Hadfield

Online Services

We are living in particularly difficult times at the moment, with most of us being quarantined, self-isolating, and unable to live our normal lives whilst this dreadful COVID-19 virus does its thing. We will get through it, personally and professionally, but whilst our lives and businesses are being hit in the most extraordinary ways, we have to look for ways to diversify and continue to live and earn as best we can.

I've taken this moment to offer some temporary online services to those who might like this sort of thing. For very modest prices, I am more than happy to record a video message for you, or for someone of your choosing, or even a song if you think they deserve more/less (depending on your viewpoint...). Also, my albums remain for sale online at Bandcamp, for very low prices. It's a cliche, but for us as musicians and performers, at the moment it really is a case of every little helps. 

See below for details, and thank you.


video message

Dan can record you a short video message, birthday greeting or anything (within reason) up to about 60 second long, to someone you love or to someone whom you would like to see suffer...

song request

Dan can record - on video - a song for you from his repertoire and dedicate it to someone special for you. Perhaps it's even for you (shush, we won't tell anyone...)

online albums

Dan's albums - all three of them - are for sale online on Bandcamp and can be downloaded at quarantine prices for you to enjoy...

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